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Solied – The Story

Solied was an idea that was brewing in my head for a while. During this time of trying my utmost best to ignore my new idea and focus on my normal daily activities I read the following words in a book: Without a solid belief in your own potential and abilities, you are doomed to failure. Shocking!!!! This is when I made the decision to believe in myself and took that giant leap, maybe not for mankind but for myself! As they say: When you believe in yourself you are on your way to success and achieving your dreams.

Solied is the Afrikaans word for Solid. Besides the fact that this word has great meaning for me it also means “Strongly built and durable. Exactly like the Solied products I manufacture! The range started with a couple of cement based coasters, shortly after that the pendants were created. With the global Covid -19 pandemic hitting South Africa in March 2020 that forced us all to think out of the box the unique Solied Fabric Face Masks became it hit.

From here anything can happen and the Solied product range can expand because that is the beauty of creating!

Although based in George on the Garden Route, your Solied order can be couriered to any destination in South Africa.

Gifts and Accessories

The Solied product range includes gift items and accessories that makes the perfect gift.

Solied products are unique and all handmade with love!

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