Decorative Cement Based Coasters

Decorative Cement Based Coasters Made in George

Decorative Cement Based Coasters Made in George

A coaster is more than just protection for your table surface, it is a décor item! The Black and Red Solied Coaters makes a statement. As you can see only half of the surface is painted to display the bare cement that adds to the unique character of these hand painted coasters.

The Solied cement based coasters are approximately 10cm in diameter, 1cm high and weigh about 200gram each.
Solied Coasters are sold in sets of 4 at R70 per set.

The Solied product range is proudly South African and handmade in George.
Besides being a unique decor item, Solied Coasters makes a perfect gift.

For orders contact Wilma on 082 449 6186 or order online via our online shop

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